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Laurie M., "5 of Wands"

Laurie M., "5 of Wands"

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Laurie M.

5 of Wands,  2022

color pencil and graphite on paper

8 x 12 inches

Well I know wands aren't usually breadsticks, but I figured they'd be good enough. I do love breadsticks, they remind me of Olive Garden. The piece is meant to be happy, it would be funny if you saw someone waving a breadstick around instead of a wand. It's supposed to be magical.


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Image description: A drawing representing the 5 of Wands of the Tarot. At the top of the page "The five of Wands" is written in block letters of purple, orange, and yellow. In the center there are 5 yellow breadsticks, they are at a 45 degree angle and touching. There is a thin graphite border surrounding the text and hotdogs.