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Teazu Juah, "9 of Pentacles"

Teazu Juah, "9 of Pentacles"

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Teazu Juah

9 of Pentacles,  2022

acrylic on paper

21 x 19 inches

There's nine yellow and black stars. I put flowers on top of it. The flowers are about me, because I like flowers and I like to draw them. The smiling face is floating there. I like to smile a lot!


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Image description: A painting representing the 9 of Pentacles of the Tarot. The top half of the page is yellow with a floating blue flower on the left and right side. Center left is the roman numeral, IX. A black line splits the composition in half vertically, to the right is a tall green tree and a floating smiley face. The bottom half is filled with brown paint, and 9 large pentacles, 6 to the left of the center line, 3 to the right.